Eney company offers aluminum glazed doors and partitions made of fire-protection aluminum profile produced by Aluprof company (Poland) and fire-protection glass of Polflam company (Poland) which is the leading manufacturer . Our company offers you glazing options of any shape and configuration up to 90% glazing of the construction plane, maintaining the fire resistance. Our products are made from environmentally friendly materials and meet global quality standards, while differing favorably in cost from foreign analogues.
 The MB-78EI system is designed for the manufacture of internal or external aluminum fire-protection partitions with single or double doors with fire resistance class: EI30, EI45 and EI 60, according to the standards PN-B-02851-1:1997 and PN-EN 13501-2: 2005 and SBS E.1.1-7-2002 “Fire safety of construction objects” and TS 26.1-19069394.002-2003 “Transparent protective constructions”
   – Single or double doors with a height of up to 2500 mm;
  – a deaf partition and a partition with a door up to 4000 mm high;
  – the possibility of manufacturing two-color constructions;  – the possibility of bending the profile and production of arched constructions.

  There are many advantages of glazed fire protection constructions:
  – lightweight – light and strong material that allows you to perform overall structures without the use of additional strengthening elements

  – corrosion resistance – a feature of aluminum is that when it interacts with atmospheric oxygen, it is covered with a thin film of oxide, which can protect it from corrosion for many years.

  – strength – aluminum is quite plastic and easy to manufacture material. Aluminum has good strength characteristics due to the addition of other metals alloys;

  – resistance to temperature fluctuations – it easily tolerates temperatures from -80 to +100 with an insignificant coefficient of expansion;

  – a long-term use – the service life of aluminum structures exceeds 80 years, that’s why fire-protection constructions made of this material are very cost-effective;

  – they are not electrostatic – anodized or painted constructions made of aluminum profiles do not accumulate static electricity;

  – ease of maintenance – aluminum profile is resistant to UV radiation, pollution, is easy to clean and does not require current repair;

  – environmental friendliness – nowadays, the whole world strives to use environmentally friendly materials and preserve the environment. You can easily achieve this by installing fire-protection aluminum glazed structures in your premises.