Sliding partitions are a perfect solution for offices. With the help of such partitions, you can easily turn a conference hall or a meeting room into two separate rooms with the necessary sound insulation within few minutes. Sliding partitions produced by the company are suspended structures based on the upper track on which the corresponding panels are hung. Sliding partitions are the most mobile and fastest way to rebuild a space, giving it the necessary functional purpose within a few seconds. Moving along the monorail fixed in the ceiling, they practically do not occupy useful floor space, on which only small locks are located to fix them in the final position. Portable panels of sliding partitions are made of any material matched to the color of the furniture, floor or completely transparent glass.

   Sliding walls are style, decoration and modern functionality of your office. Sliding walls allow the most efficient use of space, despite its destination (offices, restaurants, hotels, sports halls, exhibitions, residential premises or lecture halls) 
    In case of moving the office to another building, sliding walls can be easily dismantled and transported to a new location. The installation of sliding walls involves the installation of a ceiling profile rail, for fixing and moving portable partition panels on and along it. The panels move along rails on rollers that rotate around their (vertical) axis, which allows them to be moved and placed on temporary parking in a plane which is perpendicular (or parallel, depending on the type of construction) to the area of the partition itself and the main guide rail. Installation of the rail is the only stage of work on the installation of sliding walls, which is related to construction work. At this point, the carrier base of the partition is installed in the ceiling space (the ceiling is dismantled and installed). 
   Panels of such partitions are decorated with various types of coating: laminate, veneer of valuable wood species, melamine, cork wood – to match the color of the furniture and walls of the rooms, which will be separated by sliding walls. Both panels and aluminum profile and accessories of sliding walls can be painted in any color according to RAL.