Stationary office partitions “COMPLEX” have a wide range of applications. Intended for organizing space in the office, they are able to divide the premise into necessary rooms: working rooms, halls, meeting rooms or conference rooms. In addition, partitions of this type can serve as an excellent addition to the existing interior design.
  Stationary office partitions can be of various sizes and configurations, therefore it is possible to ensure optimal lighting and a high level of sound proofing of workplaces with their help.

   It is possible to install office partitions not only during the repairing of the premises, but also after all finishing works have been completed. Moreover, you will be able to implement any planning decisions:
• Install blinds in the glass parts of the partitions.
• Use high-quality polymer paint for decoration, by which you can give various colors and structures to the aluminum profile of your partitions .
• Lay various communications (telephone, electrical, computer cables) inside the partition frame.
• Use various types of glass and all kinds of decorative coatings for decoration.
• Install any type of door structure in a stationary office partition: single-leaf, double-leaf, glazed, blind, sliding, all-glass or hinged one.

  Provide a high level of sound insulation in the room thanks to the use of modern materials that are mounted inside the frame of the partition. For example, if the blind section of the partition is filled with mineral wool, the level of sound insulation will be equal to 42 dB, and if double glazing is used, sound insulation will be provided up to 37-46 dB. The design of this system of profiles allows you to install glass in two contours with a thickness of 5 mm to 12 mm each.
Stationary office partitions include fastening elements, an aluminum profile, sealing items, as well as decorative elements. In addition, stationary partitions, door blocks, door fittings, shutters, soundproofing materials, etc. are used as separate elements.
   Our company will offer you designs of partitions that will meet all your requirements. We install partitions in a professional manner and in the shortest possible time.