All-glass office partitions belong to the most modern and convenient space zoning tools. It was the appearance of glass office partitions that changed the general perception of how company offices, specialized salons, trading halls and public institutions can look. In general, with the help of partitions, any spacious room in the shortest possible time turns into a rationally structured office, organized according to the principle of “open space”. Due to the fact that the joining of glass is practically not invisible, all-glass office partitions visually expand the boundaries of the premises, relieving employees and clients of the feeling of stiffness. 
   The use of transparent constructions creates an atmosphere of confidence and lightness, allows you to work longer in daylight. Solid glass partitions make your business open and clear to customers, and transparent partitions give management the opportunity, while maintaining privacy, to effectively manage staff and work in a team at the same time. 
   The play of light on the glass creates a sense of solemnity and celebration. Constructions of any configuration look stylish and aesthetic, thereby increasing the prestige of the company. All-glass partitions are made of tempered glass and aluminum profile. Tempered glass, which is used for the manufacture of constructions, thanks to special heat treatment, has great strength and resistance to blows, bends and temperature fluctuations. 
   If such glass breaks, its fragments are not capable of harming a person, because when broken into small fragments, they do not leave sharp edges, it has special properties, including excellent strength and injury safety. 
   We use glass of various types when produce all-glass partitions: frosted, transparent, mirror, tinted, with patterns, logos and drawings can also be applied by engraving, etc. The level of transparency can be adjusted using liquid crystal films. 
   The glass is attached to the profile using fittings. The thickness of glass in all-glass partitions ranges from 8 mm to 12 mm. It is worth noting that the lightness of all-glass partitions is not violated by the use of profiles. Their visible part is insignificant. Partitions of this type are fragile only on the outside. In fact, the construction is resistant to blows and temperature fluctuations. 
   Triplex glass can also be used in all-glass partitions – it is one of the types of safety glass, which consists of two or more layers of glass glued together using a special laminating film (film triplex) or laminating liquid (filling triplex). The glass sections are joined together joint to joint and have a technological gap of up to 2 mm. 
   The project of all-glass partitions is developed by specialized companies that have extensive experience in warming business spaces individually for your premises.