A beautiful facade is an important element of success and the business card of your organization. Eney company offers a variety of systems that allow you to implement the most innovative concepts of facades and create original designs: from perfectly designed with windows and all-glass ones to high-tech synergistic ones. 
  The strength of aluminum profiles makes it possible to use large-sized double-glazed windows without additional reinforcing elements, which provides maximum illumination of the premises and a wide viewing opportunity, gives constructions lightness and an elegant look. Aluminum glazed facades give objects a unique shape and a modern appearance, provide excellent heat and sound insulation of premises, protect against weather influences, have high strength and durability. They are very convenient to use and do not require any additional care. Modern aluminum stained-glass windows that decorate the facade can be self-supporting, with cable ties, on a steel frame. However, the most important thing is that aluminum facades are an environmentally friendly product, which nowadays is an indicator of your responsible choice.

   Eney company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of translucent contructions, facades of the buildings, winter gardens, flat skylights and other structures. The column-beam system is a type of facade system in which the basis of the structure is vertical load-bearing racks and mechanically fixed horizontal crossbars on them. The frame of the column-beam system is placed on the inner side of the facade wall. The advantage of such a system is the possibility of constructing not only standard straight, but also arched design solutions.         Numerous options for “breakings” of the racks allow you to perform inclined and multi-sided designs with various angles. The series provides compensation for temperature linear expansions of the profile material both vertically and horizontally. Temperature deformations in the horizontal direction are solved by installing compensating racks or by connecting the crossbars to the racks with a guaranteed technical admission, and connecting the racks of the structure along the height allows to compensate for temperature deformations in the vertical direction. The gaps that are formed in the places of deformation seams are closed with decorative plastic covers. Depending on the purpose of the structure, various options for installing and fastening the crossbars to the frame posts are possible.
   The attachment of the first-level crossbars to the racks is carried out overlapping through embedded parts. The attachment of the second-level crossbars to racks is carried out by embedding, through embedded parts. The construction provides for the possibility of installing thermal bridges made of hard impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which “break” the cold bridge between the pressing profile and the frame of the construction and allow the use of single-chamber or double-chamber double-glazed windows as filling. Filling thickness is from 4 mm to 50 mm. Our constructions provide for the possibility of installing windows, doors of cold and warm implement with various options for opening the leaves. 
  The reliable hermeticity of the structure is provided by rubber sealants resistant to temperature fluctuations from -50 to +70 degrees Celsius. and ultraviolet radiation. To prevent contact between the glass filling and the aluminum profiles of the structure, a substrate made of polymer materials is provided, the type of which depends on the thickness of the mounted material. The attachment of the pressing bars, which hold the filling of the construction, is carried out in a special groove of the bearing profile, with self-tapping screws with a diameter of 5.5 mm. The profiles are painted with powder paints according to the RAL scale.

  Lifting-sliding constructions are wide exits, lots of light and fresh air. It is impossible to overestimate the advantages of lift and slide systems. These fundamentally new and improved sliding systems allow you to create hermetic sliding doors of very large sizes. 
   Lift and slide constructions are used to create winter gardens, terraces and many other premises. Such a system can replace one of the walls of the bedroom or living room, making it brighter and more spacious. 
  Thanks to a special hanging system, the structure can withstand heavy loads on the fittings. The advantages of such a system are that it provides an opportunity to make practically sliding walls, while maintaining a high level of tightness and thermal insulation. The work principle is based on the shift of one leaf instead of another when opening. The weight of the easily controlled leaf is up to 400 kg, its width is 780 mm-3000 mm, and its height is 1200 mm-3000 mm. The door threshold meets the requirements for the unrestricted passage of people with limited physical capabilities, while exceeding the energy saving standards. It is installed in the floor, so this system is ideal for installing an exit to terraces or verandas.