Eney company has been engaged in the production and installation of office partitions since 2002. Nowadays, we are pleased to offer you two types of portable office partitions: Comfort and Veda. Portable partitions perfectly zone the office space and help to allocate a personal workplace for each employee without complex repairs. Therefore, portable partitions save both your time and money, while the use of environmentally friendly and durable materials ensures the safety of your employees and does not affect their health.
The portable partitions are made on the basis of aluminum profiles. The constructions are collapsible , so their installation is carried out within the shortest possible time.
Portable partitions are designed to form individual workplaces and working areas. Furthermore, they perform an important decorative function in the overall design of the premises. If the area of the office is small, transparent glass portable partitions will help you expand the space of the room visually, meanwhile, save office space. Properly located portable partitions made of high-quality materials will reduce the noise level, which is very important for ensuring comfortable office work and a favorable psychological micro-climate in the team. It is possible to carry out a significant redevelopment of the premises, dividing the space into isolated rooms and functional zones with the help of portable partitions in the shortest possible time without significant expenses, significant construction and installation work. Our partitions are used in fully decorated rooms in combination with any office furniture. The process of installation and dismantling portable office partitions is characterized by the absence of wet processes and the smell of paint, efficiency, and the absence of construction debris. Installation can be made at any time without disrupting the work process in the office. Such partitions provide the ability to change quickly their constructions and placement in accordance with changing requirements for the room layout.
Portable office partitions are divided into glazed, combined and deaf ones depending on the type of the filling. The most popular partition systems for office use are those assembled from combined sectors, when the upper part of the partition consists of glass, and the lower part is made of chipboard or decorated with a special fabric. The design of portable partitions can be very diverse. The panels of partitions can be decorated in different ways and from different sides. It allows to fit organically into the interior of both separated rooms. A distinctive feature of Comfort partitions is the ability to install a hidden cable channel (for electrical wiring) and hinged door into the system. Installation of blinds is also possible. The Veda system is more refined and simple.